I cant stand scammers. This is a great waring and reminder for everyone to be extra careful. An Ada County couple in there 70s on Thanksgiving day had their computer screen go blank followed by a message with a phone number that claimed to be from Microsoft Customer Support. They called the number hoping to help fix their computer. I am not super clear on what exactly when on over the phone, we may never know but according to Idaho News Chanel 2 they couple was told they would lose thousands of dollars but if they bought $1,500 worth of gift cards they would get back all of their money.

They were convincing and intimidated the elderly man to go out to 3 different stores and stalk up on gift cards. 1,500 dollars worth of them! No word on what the gift cards were for. After the man got the cards he read the numbers for the cards over the phone. It was toward the end that the couple realized what was going on.

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There have been a lot of scams going on related to the pandemic, the holidays, and just random stuff like this. Its sad but true. Please be careful and its of to question and double check before committing to anything that seems off. The sheriff's office even told Idaho News that another scam has been going around about arrest warrants. Scammers are calling people and scaring them into thinking they have an active arrest warrant. The scammers then try to get you to spend money over the phone or with gift cards to get out of it.


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