Teachers are taking a hard no stance to the district asking them to continue with in person learning while the district's Coronavirus numbers increase placing it in the "red" zone. According to the original model before school started the Red category was reserved for virtual learning. The district wants teachers and students to continue school like it is still in the "Yellow" Category where they alternated days attending in person learning. Kids are probably loving a few days off, but parents are concerned and frustrated.

Nearly 700 West Ada School Teachers called out sick today (Monday) to protest the district's decision to continue with the hybrid in school learning while in Red Zone. The district was so overwhelmed with the call outs that they were forced to cancel school for the day. Now they have been forced to cancel school for Tuesday as well as hundreds more call in sick for Tuesday and it is expected to continue until there is a change made. According to KTVB and President of West Ada Education Association, the teachers union, Eric Thies, as of now more than 500 have also called out sick again for Tuesday. The district only has about 200 substitute teachers available and even that is IF they agree to actually do it after all of this.

The teachers are likely to resume teaching but only if the district agrees to virtual only learning. We dont know how long the measure needs to be in place for virtual learning. The hopes is that this will push the district to hold a special meeting ASAP, tonight possibly to come to an agreement.

What do you think? How should each side handle this?


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