Skyview High School in Nampa has been threatened this morning. Here's what happened and how to keep your student safe. 


The threat was written on a bathroom wall and it states that the school will be "shot up" on April 18, 2107 at 10:24 a.m.


The note goes on to say that a gang of 17 students will shoot up teachers, administrators, and then they will "kill the students one by one."


The message ends by saying "if you want to survive... stay home," and that if "911 is called all hell will break loose."


You can see the full letter at A student is named as being involved in orchestrating the planned school shooting but authorities have not confirmed this students involvement.


If you have any information at all about who wrote this message please contact the Nampa Police department.


A letter was sent out on Friday to parents letting them know of the situation and of course keeping the students safe is everyone's big concern. It's unclear if Skyview High School will be in session tomorrow or not.