Hundreds of accidents, slide-offs, closures, a state of emergency, and now our good people from Search and Rescue are needed to help those that are stranded.

Joe Amon / Denver Post via Getty Images

When the snow has fallen this heavy, plows are having to repeat the plowing and icing.  Plows have been working non-stop for a good three to four days now.  Snow plow drivers have been working long hours in shifts.  Its a lot like a hockey game.  One out... one in... another one out... another one in.


City officials and authorities are asking the public to please stay inside if possible.  Do not drive!  By keeping off the streets we're allowing them to take care of the roads and continue to maintain any progress they've made.  By hitting the streets we back up traffic, have accidents, get stuck and some are getting stuck in places that are very dangerous especially with the frigid temperatures we'll hit tonight and tomorrow.


Search and Rescue is on alert and ready to go but we need to do our part and just batten down the hatches for a bit.