It's the most beautiful hotel in McCall, but the Shore Lodge is temporarily closing their doors for a makeover. Here's why and when it's shutting down. 

Before you panic, this is not a long term closure, but rather something to be aware of before planning a little getaway to McCall.

The Shore Lodge is completely shutting down between November 13th and November 18th for construction.

According to the renovation will include ...

  • two new restaurants
  • updating the detailed woodwork in the hotel
  • giving a fresh new look to the common areas

In addition to these updates their will be some changes in dining.

  • they are going to reconfigure its Narrows Bar and Narrows Restaurant offerings.  The bar will move where the restaurant currently is and the restaurant will move into the bar space.
  • they will re-open in January of 2018 and along with the changes inside, it comes with a re-titling of "Narrows Steakhouse."

My parents went on their honeymoon to McCall and stayed at the Shore Lodge, so I have always dreamed of staying there. Guess I need to find myself a man first to take me there, but I'm excited about the new renovations!