The turtle who ate a puppy a week and a half ago has been seized from Mr. Robert Crosland and here's what the teacher may be charged with.

Crosland is currently under investigation for feeding a puppy to his snapping turtle on the grounds of Preston Junior High School, after school hours but as students looked on.

It is still unclear whether the puppy was alive or not when it was fed to the turtle but his actions have been met with outrage across the country and he is now facing a misdemeanor criminal charge for animal cruelty. It's a charge that most likely will be met with more outrage from the public.

On the flip side, some support Mr. Crosland saying it isn't any different than feeding a turtle or a snake a live mouse.

The turtle was taken from Mr. Crosland yesterday which according to the Idaho Statesman will now either be euthanized (which upsets me because none of this was the turtle's fault) or it will be shipped to another state for adoption.