Commuting this morning ranged from minutes to hours depending on where you were, how far you had to drive, and what time you were on the roads.  This has been the absolute messiest, nastiest rush hour driving we've seen this whole Winter here in the Treasure Valley.

Most reports predicted one to three inches in the valley and that was true in some areas but others got hit even harder.  Things really started off on the wrong foot because it snowed most of the night with next to NO plows working which put our plows behind the 8 ball to start things off.  I'm typically on the road by 3:30 or 4 and it was a brutal drive into work even at that time.  I didn't have to deal with other vehicles much but the slush and ice were BAD.

So when is this storm going to stop?  I'm afraid to throw predictions out now because I get absolutely hammered on social media whether I'm right, wrong, or somewhere in between so I'm just going to share KTVB's predictions and those predictions involve snow during four of the next five days.  😲😲😲

CreditL KTVB
Credit: KTVB

Please be cautious if you have to hit the roads.  And try to take off a little early from work if you can today.  We've already had way too many accidents (most of them minor) but we'd like to limit that as much as possible.  Take the normal precautions while driving and DON'T be in a hurry.  It looks like Winter's here for a while so let's embrace this sucker and make the best of it.

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