Stuck for five days in the snow, this man and his dog survived with only taco sauce for food.36-year-old Jeremy Taylor of Sunriver, Oregon became stuck in the snow on February 24th.

According to KTVB, Jeremy frequented the west forest of Sunriver but the snow was too much, even for his Toyota 4-Runner and this time he became stuck.

Luckily Jeremy and his dog Allie had the company of each other, but for five days the only heat they had was periodically starting the heater in their SUV. The only water they had was the snow that got them stuck, and a few packets of taco sauce were their only source of "calories."

Thankfully, on Friday a snowmobiler spotted the pair and called 911. Jeremy had tried to leave his truck to find help at one point, but the snow was simply too deep.

Jeremy and Allie were obviously very hungry when they were found, but otherwise, the pair was in good shape. We're so glad they were found and are back home with their loved ones.

Situations like this can certainly prove deadly. Just last month, Idahoan,  Eric Rose, his wife, and baby found themselves in a very similar situation in Owyhee County. Eric's wife, Francesca, and their baby were eventually rescued, but after leaving their vehicle to search for help, Eric has yet to be found and the search has turned into a recovery effort.

Here's to a great meal tonight Jeremy and Allie. So happy you are alive and well.