Ah yes, Summer. Time to visit some amazing outdoor places in and around Boise. Here are five fantastic things to do outdoors with yourself, with a date, and definitely with your family.

Hiking - Oh my goodness the amount of amazing trails and hikes in and around the Boise area is astounding. See views of the city from Table Rock, give your legs a quick burn on Camel's Back, or explore one of the other dozens and dozens of trails around. To help give you a little guidance, check out this list of the top hiking trails in Boise, according to the website, AllTrails.

Eagle Mountain Bike and Skate Park - I took my son and man is this place fun. There were kids as young as 2 up to teens and adults having fun on the jumps, berms, turns, and bumps. There is way more to explore in this massive outdoor recreation area that we didn't even get to... yet. See pictures and find out more about what this spot has to offer here. 

Horseback Riding Adventures - Getting outdoors and enjoying the stunning nature that the gem state has to offer is one of the best things about living here. If you are not a big hiker, camper or adventurer yourself, or even if you are - exploring the gorgeous state of Idaho on horseback is something that everyone here should experience. See options of where to go here. 

Disc Golf - also known as frisbee golf is a fun and challenging way to spend time with friends and family. There is such a massive range of skill level and expertise that anyone and everyone from kids to beginner teens and adults to experts can have a blast at. Another advantage is it is very cost effective. You don't need much to start playing. A driver, a mid range and a putter disc are all you need. I use my mid range the most. You can buy a pack starting at $20. Click here to check out a list and info about disc golf courses in and near Boise and surrounding cities.

Boise Greenbelt - Pride and Joy of the city. There are so many incredible, fun, educational, and beautiful stops along the Boise Greenbelt. It is 25 miles of goodness ready to explore and enjoy. With it being right by work I have spent quite a lot of time exploring it and shared some top spots to stop and check out around the downtown area.  That list is here for you to see. 

Fishing - Slow down and enjoy fresh air and peace and quiet while taking in the views and waiting for a bite. Idaho and our surrounding states are Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming and Utah here.

Idaho Botanical Garden -  At 50 acres this is the gem states largest public garden. Located next door to the Old Idaho Penitentiary. (we'll get to that next) The garden once served as the farm and nursery to the penitentiary for inmates. Now it is a beautiful  oasis for escaping the city. In normal years there are events and concerts that take place there. 2355 Old Penitentiary Road. Learn more here

Zoo Boise - What a special place. Zoo Boise is great for kids and adults. Take a day and take your time seeing the exhibits and animals. Have some yummy Dippin' Dots and soak in the goodness. I recently met with the PR and Marketing guy there and found out some interesting history and inside info. Check that out here. 

Play in Water - From Lucky Peak to Black Canyon to floating the Boise river and all the lakes, streams and rivers around there is no short in options for splashing around to stay cool and enjoy the sunshine.

Bogus Basin  - The Summer Activities will easily wear you and the kids out. Also a fun and wonderful day date or friends day out. There is so much to do from incredible mountain biking to a mountain roller coaster to rock climbing, live music, great food and more. Scroll down to see pictures of what Bogus Basin has to offer in the warmer months.

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