There were kids of all ages from 2 to teens gettin' it and having fun on the jumps, berms, turns, and bumps. We started Titus off seeing how he did with the last berm and 3 last bumps before gradually moving him up to the big take off hill. Once he went around the whole thing once he was hooked and didn't stop until he was so worn out he literally couldn't go anymore.

Eagle Bike Park has a ton more to offer that we didn't even check out. Not only this fun track for kids and BMXers but winding hillside mountain biking trails spreading out right above it. We could see dozens of bikers weaving in and out, up and down exploring and having fun.

Next to us and also below the adult mountain trails there was, I was told but didnt see it myself yet, an RC racetrack. Looking at the website the park offers activities and events for racers of all ages. For a random thing to check out this weekend, Eagle Bike Park quickly became a fun free spot that we will go to often. I would recommend it to anyone with kids who love to bike ride and have a little adventurous/brave spirit.

Some other favorite free local outdoor activities from listeners on Facebook include:

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