My love for fishing developed in my early 20s when I moved to Alaska. I grew up in Arizona and while I fished a little here and there during family mountain trips, I didn't fully appreciate the joy of fishing until Alaska showed me the way. Fast forward over a decade and Idaho has it going on when it comes to fishing.

I love fishing the gem state. I have a lot more to explore in the Idaho fishing world and am always looking for the best places to go.

Cheapism highlighted the top places in each state to go fishing. Any ideas where they said Idaho's spot is? They determined these spots by consulting online rankings, recommendations from pros, and reviews from visitors.

The top spot for Idaho? Get ready to load up on trout at Henry’s Fork of the Snake River. According to cheapism, "When you visit Henry's Fork of the Snake River, you're likely to see moose, geese, muskrat and blue heron — but it's what you don't see that will keep you coming back. Beneath the winding river, which traverses sprawling ranch land and timber-covered canyons, several species of hungry trout, including rainbows and browns, await your bait."

I figured for good measure we should highlight the best ranked fishing spots for our nearby states. According to the website:

"Montana: Gallatin River - Known for world-class river fly fishing, Montana offers anglers no shortage of great spots, but the Gallatin River is so spectacular in both scenery and production that it deserves a mention even in a state known for stellar fishing. Spanning the gap between Gallatin Lake in the mountains of Yellowstone to the Missouri River, the river is perfect for dry fly fishing for those on the hunt for smaller, but plentiful trout that are not picky eaters."

"Oregon: North Fork Nehalem River - The area where the mainstem Nehalem River meets the North Fork is the place that the bulk of the river's winter steelheads congregate. Boating can be tricky and access is limited, but for those who tame the river, catch rates are as high as they are in the state's much larger, much more crowded spots."

"Utah: Logan River - You'll hear the rushing Logan River before you see it, thanks to cascading pocket water, seam lines, eddy and western freestones. Numerous insect hatches and even-temperature waters keep fish populations plentiful for catches like brook trout, cutthroat, rainbow trout and brown trout. Anglers have a wide selection of fishing spots to pick from."

"Wyoming: North Platte River - Wyoming is as close to a mecca as fly fishing enthusiasts have, and of the seemingly limitless options for spots that are both picturesque and productive, North Platte is regarded by many as the best of them all. From the North Platte River to the 6 Mile Gap is 150 miles of the finest trout fishing in America, thanks to consistent temperatures, a diverse ecosystem, plenty of bugs, and some of the most captivating scenery in the world."

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