Last week I was driving to and from Portland and had on my iTunes new music playlist. A song came on that made me dance and I even hit repeat a couple of times.  There was something familiar about the singers for sure, but it took me a couple of times through to realize it was The Dixie Chicks - they call themselves "The Chicks" now.

Here is an audio clip from my afternoon show talking about it and playing a clip of the song.

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The song I heard is Texas Man . Its been 14 years since their last album and 17 years since the London incident. 

Since their last album 2 out of the 3 sisters have had kids and all 3 have been through a divorce. They clearly had lots to write about in the lyrics. While I cant say I love every song, the album is fresh, honest and there are a couple, Texas Man included, that I added to my personal playlist.

Do you like the new album, not like it, or are you staying clear of them all together because of their past?