Okay, maybe I was a little dramatic with the title of my blog here. But if there is one thing in life that freaks me out it's snakes. I just don't like them and I never will (because I will never give them a chance).

So, yesterday I was just having one of those days so instead of sitting on my couch and binge watching Netflix I decided to hike Table Rock. It was exactly what I needed to clear my head of craziness.

First, I want to say WAY TO GO to everyone who was exercising on the trail. There were lots of people working to get fit or stay fit and as someone who has lost 100 pounds since graduating high school I know that is no easy task.

Billy @ Table Rock

As I was working my way up the trail two ladies in front of me stopped and were taking a picture, I automatically thought it was a snake. Sure enough, I was right and the closer I got the bigger and longer this bad boy looked. Luckily, I survived and the snake kept a respectable distance from me as I continued my journey.

As I was walking back down the trail I was thinking about how that little exercise was such a good life lesson. When things are scary and unexpected, just keep working toward the goal and everything will be just fine. It's obvious to me now that I really needed to clear my head. If you're ever looking for a nice short escape, go hit Table Rock. That view from the top makes everything better.

Table Rock

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