The new ban on hand-held devices in Meridian might take a while to enforce and might take a while for drivers to get used to, but it is a huge step in the right direction for safe driving. The ban came down on Tuesday night after the Meridian City Council voted to enforce the new ordinance.

Our friends at KTVB were quick to post the details, the vote had been tied 3-3 but Mayor Tammy de Weerd broke the tie in favor of the new ordinance. This makes Meridian the first city in the Treasure Valley to require drivers to use cell phones and other devices only if they are hands-free. Luckily, most vehicles now have hands free equipment installed in the vehicles.

This ordinance is something the Meridian Police Chief is a big supporter of to keep the streets safer and decrease road rage.

Officers will begin informing the public about the new ordinance immediately, with tickets to start being issued starting in January beginning at $90.

There are similar ordinance already in place in Ketchum, Hailey, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls.

It will be interesting if more cities in the Treasure Valley follow the lead of Meridian and this new ban of hand-held devices.

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