A lot has been put to the test over the past year. One of the biggest is the strain on relationships. Not only the strain that all of the pandemic caused in all of our lives but also just being with your partner a whole lot more of the time in most cases. Many couples didn't survive it. Even celebrities like Kelly Clarkson said that it became all to clear that she needed a divorce from her husband after being stuck together under lockdown when there was already some trouble between them.

A lot of cities, and states have been reporting an increase in break ups and divorce fillings but not here in Idaho. Couples seem to be working through and overcoming marital complications and disagreements and staying together.

A few reasons are playing into this. We were all forced to get more creative with entertainment, so weather it was getting into a new series to binge watch together to game nights to home projects.

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Virtual couple counseling is easier than ever. If someone is opposed or never have done counseling or therapy, it can be an intimidating process at first. However from the comfort of your home, suddenly it is easier in many ways.

Of course we all like to think it's for love and in many cases it is, for some the timing with one or even both individuals being laid off or even reducing hours makes a split financially impossible at this time.

For Idaho, according to Idaho News 6 less divorces were filed from March through December of 2020 than the year prior from March to December 2019 with Ada County seeing one of the biggest drops. There was a big drop when lockdowns were first happened a lot of that due to not only fear of the unknown at that time but also couples that were ready to split had to put it on hold since courthouses and government offices had closed or slowed.




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