A string of burglaries has hit Boise. Here's where they are happening and what you need to know to keep yourself safe. 

The burglaries happened in the Bay Hills Springs subdivision near Cole and Ustick on Monday night.

The cars that were burglarized were unlocked at the time; a good lesson in locking your doors. Luckily, nothing major was stolen. According to idahonews.com the thieves got away with very little. A few credit cards, a lanyard, and a license.

The thieves continued the crime spree by getting into unlocked gates and garages.

The crooks have not been caught, but investigators have dusted for fingerprints and will pursue catching those who have committed the crimes.

Police advise people in the area of Ustick and Cole to lock-up their property, but they point out that once thieves burglarize an area with a lot of unlocked cars and doors, they move on to a different area because they know those people will start locking things up.

If you have any information on this string of burglaries, please contact police.