Some of these things might seem weird to other people, but here in Idaho they're a way of life.  According to, here's a few things that Idahoans do that you MAY not find in other states......and a few more things that you DEFINITELY won't find in other states....

1. The Potato Drop.  It's a New Year's tradition here in the gem state.  Other places might drop a ball or something like that, but not here. Hey besides, who can't appreciate a giant delicious potato to help you ring in the new year? ;)

2. The blue turf: How much pride do we take in our football field? Who else takes as much pride in their field to go as far as to make the ENTIRE field one of the team's colors!?!  So many tourists just HAVE to see the blue field?.......Can you blame them?

Getty Images / Otto Kitsinger III

3. Lift Kits: And okay, so the monster truck in the pic is an extreme example, but you get the idea.  Seeing a lifted truck here is pretty commonplace and almost always considered money well spent.

Getty Images for Metlife/ Tom Meents

4. Dirt roads: And no, of course we're not the only state with 'em. But does anybody prefer them as much as we do!?! Doubt it. Who needs a paved road when you can really put your new truck to the test on a nice dirt road?

Table Rock Scorched

5. A good face to face conversation: I know, CRAZY idea right!?! In this day and age of emails, social media, facetime, and what not there are still some people in this world who appreciate the value of a good, one on one, in person chat. And Idaho is chock-full of them......


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