This is American, darn it! We have the right to own hens. At least, we do in this town.

Where do we beghen? You can own dogs no problem. You can own cats no problem. So why is it an issue for Idahoans to keep hens as pets? In Twin Falls, they're fighting back against this animal injustice that's haphenning.

Twin Falls city council passed an ordinance allowing citizens to own up to four hens, even without a permit. This might not sound like a big deal, but the rules they followed before were incrhenibly bad. You had to contact all your neighbors to let them know you planned on having hens on your property, and 75% of them would have to approve it. That's dumb.

Way to go, Twin Falls. Way to stand up and fight for hens and hen lovers everywhere.

Also, yes all those typos were on purpose.

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