We love to sleep with our pets, no matter how much of the bed they take up.

Coyotes in the bed? This is a thing that's happening in 2017. More specifically in the home of Seth Simpson from Kuna.

Simpson says he met Kate (the coyote) last May while she wandered away from her den. At the time she was less than two months old. Ever since then the two have been inseparable. However, Simpson is aware of the fact that coyotes don't make great pets:

My goal has never been to train her, to make her a pet. She’s still a coyote. She’s a wild animal that tolerates people. I can’t call her a pet.

People are taking notice, seeing as how Simpson has 20,000 followers on Instagram who are always inquiring about his live-in coyote pal. Idaho totally allows it as well. There's no law against keeping coyotes as pets, nor do you need a tag to hunt them.

Simpson says he plans to take care of Kate for the rest of her life. We smell a Disney movie coming on...

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