Julia Davis Park is a fantastic place to stretch your legs, take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy all of the great little attractions within the massive Boise park. Almost exactly three years ago a fire broke out at the Gene Harris Bandshell and destroyed much of it. Even though it dint crumble to the ground it had to be restored before it was usable again.

Originally opened 93 years ago this Boise staple was nearly taken all the way out due to a human caused fire in 2018. Even through the crazy pandemic and everything with it, the city still knew the restoration of this historic stage was a necessity. While the improvements are great, the restoration purposefully kept the historic integrity and over all look. Find out more here at the City of Boise website

Through a multi year plan The City of Boise with support from Mayor McLean along with Boise's Parks and Recreation and Boise City Department of Arts and History were able to restore it. Not only did they restore it but made it even better. Just yesterday the stage had its first act perform as the Gene Harris Bandshell was rededicated. Now featuring better video and audio capabilities, state of the art lighting as well as new backstage area for performers to use.  According to KTVB, the rebuild cost the city about $900,000.

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Just in time for summer and hopefully lots of great performances at the park.
Curtis Stigers, who was friends with the late Gene Harris performed with his bandmates a wonderful and lively show in honor of the rededication. As of right now there is no line up schedule of performances but I am sure that will change as locals are excited about this piece of history being back and in action.

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