No matter who you are, losing weight is one of the hardest things to accomplish. For more than half of my life I was overweight and I hated it. But it took for me to finally quit making excuses and just start putting in the work.

I’m now at a comfortable weight that I am happy about, but staying motivated to go to the gym can still be a challenge for me. So, when I found this story online about staying motivated to work out even when it’s cold outside I had to check it out, you can see it here.

The four best tips to stay motivated are this:

  • Workout at home. You can always do pushups, squats, and purpees in your living room. Don’t make an excuse because of the weather, just change the location of your workout.
  • Try a new activity. Maybe a new kickboxing class or try out rock climbing. If the weather is forcing you indoors try to find a new hobby that helps you get exercise.
  • Get your friends to join in. Most people find it easier to stay motivated when they have a friend that holds them accountable when they’re having a lazy day.
  • Don’t have a pity party if you decide to splurge. So many of us will have a ‘cheat day’ and eat way too many sweets then feel bad about it and stop the exercising all together. Don’t allow yourself to do this. If you have a cheat day, make the next day a more intense exercise day.

Just remember you can do anything you set your mind too, and once you start seeing the results you want it’s easier to stay committed. Don’t give up.

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