The smoke and haze in the treasure valley have not let up in quite some time. While fires and some smoke are pretty normal around this time of year, this year is seeming worse. Don't expect it to let up quite yet either. Not only are we dealing with bad air (silver lining on having masks everywhere) we also have a critical fire weather conditions. The National Weather Service has issued A Red Flag Warning for nearly all of southern Idaho and eastern Oregon from noon to 10pm.

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Smoke and haze continue across the region with an air quality alert still in place. Not only are we dealing with the bad air, now we're dealing with critical fire weather conditions this afternoon and evening. Potential storms rolling in this afternoon with lighting and big wind gusts are raising major concerns for starting and quickly spreading more wildfires. With all of the fires already being battled around us, resources are scarce. The Treasure Valley should see a cool down hopefully by early next week but until then we are continuing to look at upper 80s to lower 90s.


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