A very special unit in the Boise Police Department consists of ten members who's job is to serve and PAWtect. From sniffing out drugs and explosives to locating the bad guys themselves, the K-9 unit is an essential part of BPD. Don't let their cuteness fool you either. These are working dogs who take their jobs very seriously.

The are basically three different types of jobs a Boise Police K-9 could have. First there are drug detection dogs. These dogs are utilized when patrol officers have arrested a suspect and have probable cause to believe illegal drugs may be present in vehicles, buildings or other locations. They often locate illegal drugs in areas where a patrol officer cannot see.

Next there are the drug detection/suspect apprehension dogs. In addition to sniffing out drugs, suspect apprehension dogs are also responsible for locating and apprehending violent criminal suspects thanks to their extensive training and sense of smell.

Explosive detection dogs are specifically assigned to the Boise Airport but are often called upon to respond to any location throughout the Treasure Valley. These dogs are purchased with Homeland Security funds.

What some people may forget to realize is that these dogs risk their lives in order to protect their fellow officers and at the end of the day, their communities. Sadly in 2016, Jardo, a Belgian Malinois working as a K9 member of BPD’s Special Operations Unit, was shot by a dangerous criminal and passed away a few days later. His legacy lives in though and that some loyalty can be found in the 10 other current members of the Boise Police K-9 Unit.

Keep scrolling to meet each dog a part of the K-9 Unit and what each of their specialty skills are.

Meet the K-9 Unit of BPD

These are some good doggos

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