There’s a job for everything, and some jobs are more dangerous than others. In fact, there are whole industries that can be dangerous. But what are the most dangerous jobs in Idaho? What industries in Idaho have the most workplace injuries and deaths?

There’s a new article from Stacker that shares the industries with the most workplace injuries and deaths in Idaho, and they said...

"While workplaces have generally become safer over the past five decades, with far fewer injuries and fatalities reported, some industries are more dangerous than others.”

They continued to report that in 2020, the industries with the highest rates of workplace deaths were agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, construction, and transportation and warehousing.

However, since 2020, and due to the pandemic, nurses and other healthcare workers experienced much higher rates of death and injury than usual — which means that industry has now been added to the list, too.

But overall, and as time goes on, there are less and less deaths in the workplace. It's fascinating when you look at the numbers, because there used to be about 14,000 workers per year that would die on the job in the 1960s, but now, and largely because of OSHA, that number is under 5,000 workers per year.

Stacker's list comprises of 17 industries and we've included the Top 10 for you here. Keep scrolling for the Top 10 Industries in Idaho Where You’re More Likely to Get Hurt 👇

Top 10 Industries in Idaho Where You’re Likely to Get Hurt

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