It really is quickly becoming the most wonderful time of the year. You're starting to see Christmas lights and decorations go up all across the Treasure Valley and next week we celebrate Thanksgiving.

After we celebrate Thanksgiving with friends and family, then it's all about Christmas. And according to SWNS Digital, 90% of all parents feel it's important to share their past Christmas traditions with their children, as well as create new ones.

As each family is a little different we all have different traditions we enjoy celebrating, although here were the top traditions that parents want to enjoy with their kids this year:

  • Wrapping presents (55%)
  • Helping their children wrap their presents (53%)
  • Shopping for presents (50%)
  • Getting a Christmas tree (48%)
  • Baking cookies (46%)
  • Hanging stockings (46%)
  • Watching Christmas movies (44%)
  • Decorating the Christmas tree (44%)
  • Eating cookies (44%)
  • Bringing cookies to neighbors (44%)

When I was growing up we always had traditions of begging my parents to open one gift on Christmas Eve, it took hours but normally Dad would give in and let us open one. Or waking up very early on Christmas morning and asking for permission to open the rest of the gifts.

The memories I have growing up around Christmas time are magical and I hope you can recreate some memories for your family this year too.

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