Why did the chicken cross the road? Who knows but the real question is will he make it before getting hit by a car? Animals and Humans co-existing is nothing new but I still hate it when I am driving and see road kill especially a larger animal like a deer. I drive back and forth on 84 to Hood River Oregon almost every week so I see a lot of road and unfortunately a lot of road kill as well. I get it, I am not blaming the motorists, you gotta do what you gotta do. I would rather the animal get hit than have a massive collision from someone trying to swerve out of the way. What if there was a better answer though?

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I love that Salt Lake City Utah built an overpass that is exclusively for animal crossing. This was done a couple of years ago but as the animals got used to it there is more and more use it is getting these days. Their goal was to make it safer for animals and motorists and they have. The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources shared a video of the overpass that is over Interstate 80. In it you can see all kinds of wildlife including, deer, moose, cougar, and even a bear are seen taking advantage of the safe crossing.

Speaking of animals crossing safely, did you see this huge Sea Lion in Washington going down the Highway? Seattle has been getting a lot of rain lately, not a huge surprise there, but so much so that the sea lion was taking a stroll on the street, like he got confused because there was so much water or something. Or perhaps he just wanted to be a tourist for a day. He's fine now and with a little help, found his way back home.

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