As Idaho begins to reopen, the weather is going to be getting warmer!  Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to buy some new shorts, because weather consistently in the 80’s is coming soon.  This week will start cool, but end with weather in the mid to upper 80’s. 

While pools may not be open this year, those with backyard pools will be getting them setup to take advantage of the extra time off and the sunshine.  In a time when most people would usually already have their swimwear picked out for the summer, this year those purchases are coming late and if anyone else is like me, they’ll be needing to buy a larger size this year! 

The warm weather makes us think about our favorite summer activities like camping but also outdoor concerts and sporting events that will either not be happening or be happening in a yet to be determined way.  I for one am hopeful that most of these events will still be taking place this year.  Kenny Chesney has said that he is also optimistic that his tour will be able to resume for the second half of his scheduled dates, including the one at the Ford Idaho Center on August 5th. 

Coronavirus Pandemic: Which Tours and Festivals Are Canceled (and Not)?

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