The word "weird" can mean different things depending on who you ask. For some people, "weird" is the equivalent of "repulsive" while others encounter "weird" and think "eccentric."

However you define the word, one thing is for sure: Idaho is weird.

Being "weird" isn't a bad thing

We're not dogging on Idaho for being weird whatsoever. Heck, a ton of us are weird.

We won't name anyone specifically but we're not kidding when we share that we work with someone who refuses to use the restroom with the lights on. There have been a few of us who walked into the bathroom, and tried turning the lights only to be met with a "DUDE! Turn it off, please!"

It's only weird to some of us because we feel like the reaction is a bit backward from what we're used to. To be clear, they're open about it and not ashamed, they know it's a little different and that's okay. One of us who's encountered it might even go home and try it on a Thursday afternoon when going home for lunch or something.

There's weird out there and someone can appreciate it.

The same goes for Idaho - we asked people on social media to share what they think the weirdest things about Idaho are. The responses did not disappoint but, there was one disturbing fact that was shared with us.

Before we get to that, what do you think the weirdest thing about Idaho is? Share your "weird" opinion with us here!

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