Every industry and job has been altered by this pandemic in one way or another. Some lost jobs all together, other industries flourished and even had to hire to keep up with demand. Other jobs had workers on the front lines and many had stressful and hard decisions to make continually as the pandemic had its many, many rollercoasters. As a mother of a young school aged boy, I have seen, yet cant imagine the strain and stress that decision makers with the school districts had to make this year. Parents were supportive while others were downright angry about what the board and superintendents around the country were doing when it came to education. It comes at no surprise to me that after a year like this Dr. Mary Ann Ranells the West Ada School District superintendent has announced her plan to resign at the end of the school year.

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According to KTVB, the West Ada Board of Trustees will take up the formal resignation for approval on Jan. 12. Once approved, the district will begin the search for the next superintendent. Dr. Mary Ann Ranells was an English, Spanish and reading teacher and was the Director of Curriculum and Instruction in both the Nampa School District and the Twin Falls School District. She was Idaho's Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction and was even the superintended of the Lakeland School District in Rathdrum. She came over to West Ada in January of 2016. In 2019 she won Idaho's Superintendent of the Year. She will continue as superintendent through June 30, 2021.


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