If you have a child in the West Ada School District you most likely received an email or information today regarding a statewide bomb threat.  Authorities, which, for the West Ada School District includes the Boise Police Department, Meridian Police Department, and the Ada County Sherriff’s Department reached out to the district with this statement...

Yesterday law enforcement agencies received an information bulletin involving a low-level statewide bomb threat.  The threat was generic and non-specific to towns or cities.  The ‘deadline’ for the detonation has long passed.  The credibility of the threat was not verified and no additional information was provided. As law enforcement, we often receive these types of bulletins – it’s our job to filter the information.

Law enforcement always takes any kind of threats seriously and you can relax knowing that every effort is being exercised in A)  keeping our kids safe and B) finding out who made the threat, eliminating the problem and making sure that those responsible are held responsible for their actions.

We will keep you posted on any new developments with this story.

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