Your wedding day is one of if not THEE BIGGEST day in your life, it is a combination of families and friends to celebrate your commitment to each other. And over this past weekend Country music star Trace Adkins married actress Victoria Pratt with Blake Shelton officiating the ceremony.

There isn't a person in the world who wouldn't have wanted to be in attendance as you know that ceremony would have been hilarious, plus who knows the stories that were told during the reception.

Which made us think, if you could choose any country music star to officiate your wedding, who would you choose? I think a lot of people would say Blake Shelton as their first choice seeing as how funny he is. Garth Brooks could be another good option as he would have some solid advice for any couple after being married to Trisha Yearwood for so long.

If you had to choose one country star to officiate your wedding, who would be your pick?

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