Okay, so here are - it's November and Halloween has officially passed. The residents of Harrison Boulevard are taking down their decorations, parents are bribing their children with the candy they got on Halloween night, and Spirit Halloween stores will be packing it up for the season.

What happens to Spirit Halloween when Halloween is over?

Just imagine the sight of a Spirit Halloween store on Halloween. All of the "good costumes" are gone (or at least the "right sizes") and unfortunately for the employees, it typically looks like a tornado came through.

As we all know, Spirit Halloween stores start to vanish the day after Halloween but we got curious - what happens to all of the leftover inventory when it's time to shut it down?

We tried calling the stores but had no luck as the number says that associates aren't taking calls. When we did some online research, however, we found the answer we were looking for:


According to the website for Spirit Halloween, "Spirit will supply the operator with the best assortment of Halloween merchandise in the industry." It is then up to the operator of the store to keep track of their inventory and sell as much merchandise as possible.

When it's all said and done, "the consignment operator controls expenses and pays only for what is sold. Spirit takes back all unsold merchandise at the end of the season" according to the website for Spirit of Halloween.

When you think about it, it sounds like a sweet deal but then the operator faces the risk of missing products and is likely responsible for paying for those if they're not returned. So, when you're visiting a Spirit Halloween for your costume or decorations next year and see all of the merchandise in the store... remember that the operator of that store that year has to sell/return everything in the store.

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