Idaho's state motto is the Idaho motto was adopted back in 1891 as an element of the state seal. The motto is "Esto Perpetua" which is Latin for "It is Perpetual"

The word 'perpetual' is defined from Oxford as "never ending or changing."

A 1920s book called "History of Idaho: The Gem of the Mountains" was written by James H. Hawley. In the book James says "Miss Emma Edwards of Boise, now Mrs. Emma Edwards-Greene, who designed the State seal, says the words Esto Perpetual 'breathe the prayer that the bounty and blessing of this land may forever benefit its people."

Our Idaho state seal is super unique and is also shown on our Idaho state flag. The state seal is the only one in the country that was designed and created by a woman. Emma Edwards-Greene was quite the trailblazer for females back in her day. For Emma the Idaho state motto meant "It is perpetuated" or "It is forever"

Ranker asked people to give honest opinions of what their states motto should be, here is what won for Idaho:

"We’re the Gem State, Dammit. Potatoes aren’t our only specialty."

Here are some Idaho State slogans from over the years from website, Inspirational Quotes Short Funny Stuff. Most are silly and meant to be poking fun...

"Great Potatoes. Tasty Destinations"

"Famous Potatoes"

"The Gem of the Northwest" and "Idaho: Adventures in Living" - Official slogans from Idaho Vacation and travel guides from

"Idaho: Potatoes and ... Well... That's About It"


"Idaho? No You Da Ho"

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