Boise's growing into a bigger destination every day. If we had a "City Pass", or a Golden Ticket that got you into the 5 best attractions in Boise, what would they be? Here's our list so far...

If you go to Seattle or Chicago or New York or pretty much any major city that happens to be a tourist destination, they have a deal with "City Pass". Basically, for one low price (typically around $100), you can visit about 5 of their coolest attractions. Some are set with the ticket and some are options you get to choose. In Chicago, they have one where you can visit the Willis Tower, the Shedd Aquarium and a few other notable tourist spots, it's great, and they're usually skip the line passes! But what if we had one for Boise? What would be included? Here's what locals had to say:

  1. Boise's Old Idaho Penitentiary: This is a given... It's so much fun, it's interesting, it's historical and it's just plain cool! A must do for Boise tourists!
  2. The Discovery Center Of Idaho: Another given! By the way, though... The Titanic exhibit only goes until August 15th so if you haven't had a chance to check it out yet, get on it! Can't see what they have next!
  3. Aquarium of Boise: Great choice with "35,000 gallons of saltwater and over 250 different species of animals and marine life." Can't miss it!
  4. The Idaho Botanical Garden: Another must-see for Boise tourists! Get in touch with nature in the coolest, up-close and personal way!
  5. The World Center for Birds of Prey: Stunning, exciting, gorgeous... Another must-do for tourists visiting Boise.

What did we miss? Would this be a good list for a one-ticket pass that gets you into all of these attractions? Or is there something we're missing? Comment on our Facebook page our dm us in our app!

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