2020 is not letting up. At this point I am having a hard time keeping up with all of the fires in Idaho and neighboring states. California has announced its worst case of fires in the states history. As memory serves me they have had some terrible ones in the past with whole towns burning so that tells you its serious there. Pictures that I am seeing on my social feeds and news feeds from LA, San Fran and other major and small towns and cities are crazy. They already had bad air quality, now its unbearable. Good thing everyone is stocked up on masks.

Now for my very recent previous home, Oregon. Talk about my social feed going crazy. So many apocalyptic pictures of the skies from friends and past co-workers in midday looking like dusk with an orange hue. As if downtown Portland didn't already look like the start of the end of the world now the sky does too.

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Here is my attempt at getting the latest fire info to you:

California is currently closing in on 2.5 million acres burned, the most in the states history. It is far from the end of their typical fire season too. A couple of the largest fires are burning in the San Francisco Bay Area. The latest update states 12 dead and nearly 4,000 structures destroyed so far in the fires. They have also had massive power outages across the state, some planned some not.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown stressed at a news conference this week that the devastating wildfires burning in many parts of western Oregon could lead to the greatest loss of property and human lives in state history. So far just over 1 million acres has burned in Oregon, about twice the states annual average. 40,000 people have been evacuated from their homes and more evacuations are continuing as the fires worsen, thousands upon thousands have been without power.

Washington has had at least one young child that was killed while her and her parents were trying to flee the fires. Fierce winds and dry, hot weather led to rapid spread of dozens of wildfires throughout Washington state since Monday.  Hundreds of families have had to evacuate from their homes, and knocking out power in thousands of others. Over half a million acres have burned in Washington.

Idaho Firefighters, air tankers, helicopters, bulldozers, and county and local police are trying to contain a fire that has grown over 27,000 acres in western Idaho. The Woodhead Fire has caused evacuations from Cambridge to the Oregon state border. Idaho has smaller fires mostly in northern part each blazing under 1,000 acres so far. They have caused some evacuations and the flames have destroyed a few structures and a few highways up north have had to close.


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