What a nightmare. She thought he was a trusted family friend, but Melissa Transue of Homedale endured the unthinkable when he kidnapped her and held her captive for over a week. Here is her story. 

According to KTVB, Melissa was beaten, chained to a wall, and forced to tell her family she was leaving them.

Chancey Baker was a man she thought she knew and trusted. They had gone to school together and her family was so close to his that they called his parents "Mom and Dad."

Things changed last September or October between Chancey and Melissa. His behavior made her so uncomfortable that she decided she didn't want her children to be around him anymore and she told her husband they needed to move.

Chancey's plans to kidnap Melissa started on December 14, 2018, when he popped the fuse box at her house and caused a partial power outage. When her husband went to fix it at about 11:30 that night she heard a knock on the door. It was Chancey. He busted through the door and jabbed a taser into Melissa's side.

Melissa says she fought back but Chancey started beating her with a pipe out in the yard and he put duct tape around her mouth and head. Keep in mind, she had just been tased. Chancey called a man he had served time in prison with to help him with the kidnapping and he was successful. The next thing Melissa remembers is waking up and finding herself chained up in a barn.

Melissa says her hands and feet were tied together and there was a rope around her neck that Chancey would tighten if she spoke or did anything to upset him.

He stole her phone and through text messages made it look to her family like she had walked away on her own and that she was okay. He threatened her with her life many times and even let her boys in on what was going on, telling them that he would kill their Mom and their Dad if they told anyone what was going on.

One of the most disturbing discoveries was that Chancey had been sexually abusing her 10-year-old son during the time she was kidnapped.

Chancey also told police that Melissa and her husband were abusive to their boys and through those accusations Melissa's boys are currently with Child Protective Services.

After eight days Melissa saved her own life after finding a drill bit, a fork, and a pair of tweezers to help pick the lock on her chain.

When Melissa had finally freed herself she ran to nearby houses until someone finally opened the door and helped her.

She says she is working to get her kids back and recover from her horrific ordeal.

Chancey Baker is currently facing a slew of charges including kidnapping and 11 counts of sexual abuse of a minor.


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