This is a dream job at it's best. WOW Airlines is looking for someone to fly around the world and they are paying a ton of money to the perfect candidate.

As a travel guide you do have to move to Iceland, but you won't be there much because you'll be flying to different destinations.

Even better, you get to bring a friend along, you earn $4550 a month and they cover your lodging and of course the airfare.

Now it is a short term job, but what a summer! According to KTVB, you fly around from June 1st through August 15th.

Really all you have to do is document your journey through social media... (which lets be honest, you'd probably be doing anyway.)

I feel good about someone from the Treasure Valley scoring this job. After all, its happened before. Boise's Ivan Nanney recently won a similar job to document his time in Cancun!

To apply for this dream job click the link below. May 14th is the deadline. p.s. Does WOW Airlines not have the coolest name ever?! ;)