The Travel Channel's Man vs. Food just stepped into downtown Boise to take Superb Sushi's "Demon Delight Challenge" and we had to see for ourselves, just how hard can it be.

I'm going to simplify the rules but you can always check out all the information on Superb Sushi's website.  Basically you have 10 minutes to down a bowl of "Miso Soup From Hell" which consists of...

  • One Tablespoon of Wasabi powder
  • One Tablespoon of Sriraca Sauce
  • One Tablespoon of "Hot Streak" Death Sauce
  • One Tablespoon of Cayenne Pepper
  • One Tablespoon of Demons Blood
  • One Fresh Habanero Pepper, diced

Then you eat the entire "Demon's Delight Roll" accompanied with a side of Death Sauce infused with another fresh Habanero Pepper.  All without taking a drop of water or any other type of drink.

If you accomplish that you must go through a five minute waiting period without any kind of drink.  Then, and only then have you conquered the Superb Sushi's Demon's Delight Challenge.

Here's how our challenge went...

Obviously you can see Carly Cash killed it and was the only one of us to accomplish the next to impossible task of the Demon's Delight Challenge.  I took 2nd, Zizly 3rd, and truthfully Chris didn't hardly eat anything.  Here's our WOW Country 104.3 standings.

1.  Carly Cash  (Champion)

2.  Rick Dunn  (Fantastic Effort)

3.  Zizly Flores  (Pretty Good For a Girl)

4.  Chris Cruise  (Last Place)


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