This romaine lettuce problem is hitting very close to home. The outbreak has spanned 16 states, but a good chunk of those affected are from Idaho.

Over the weekend we told you to throw out your romaine lettuce but we had no idea that people right here in Idaho were being affected by the E. coli outbreak.

The Center for Disease Control says people have become sick from E. coli tainted lettuce across 16 states, affecting 53 people, and 10 of those sick people are from Idaho.

Three of the ten people sickened with E. coli locally are in the hospital and two of them are suffering with severe kidney problems according to KTVB.

This particular strain of E. coli can cause kidney failure which is especially scary.

Officials say the main thing you need to do is check where your romaine lettuce is from (including both chopped, whole and mixed romaine.) If it came from Yuma, Arizona you need to throw it out for sure. A lot of people are choosing to just be extra safe, rather than sorry and are throwing out all of their lettuce.

Local restaurants are only using romaine lettuce that they can verify did not come from Yuma. If customers want to avoid romaine all together, they are providing alternatives to that as well.