If you have any romaine lettuce in your fridge, throw it out immediately! Here's why. 

More than 50 people across the U.S. have been sickened by romaine lettuce tainted with E.coli.

U.S. Health Officials have put out an official warning telling everyone in the United States to throw out their romaine lettuce and they have told restaurants to stop serving it. (I went to McDonald's a couple days ago and they weren't selling salads. Now I'm thinking this is probably the reason why.)

The E. coli has spread across 16 states and although there are no reports of illness here in Idaho yet, we can't be too careful.

Symptoms of E. coli include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting.

The E. coli tainted romaine lettuce reportedly came from Yuma according to KTVB, but the problem is we have no idea where it went from there.

Again, please throw out any romaine lettuce you have and make sure they are not serving it if you visit a restaurant until further notice.