This story absolutely broke my heart. With an eleven year old son of my own, this tragedy hit close to home.

Ethan Zollman of Council, ID was Adams County Sheriff Ryan Zollman's boy. The details of the accident have still not been released. all we know is that Ethan suffered a traumatic blunt force head injury.

According to KTVB Ethan passed away on Friday at the St. Luke's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit in Boise. His sweet family has chosen to donate his organs so that he can help others live and in some ways perhaps his heart will beat on.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up for the family. If this story touches your heart as it has mine please donate what you can.

If you have an eleven-year-old, hold them a little tighter today. Do that with all of your children for that matter. This life is so precious and so fragile.