30-year-old Esperanza Espinoza of the Canyon County area has been found GUILTY and finally sentenced to 16 years for horrifically torturing six different children in her care from ages 1 to 10 years old.

A quote from Canyon County Deputy Prosecutor Erica Kallin...

Espinoza threw the children by their hair, stepped on them, kicked them, hit them, bit them and attempted to strangle them.  One child reported that Espinoza held a blade to the girl’s throat, causing small cuts, and the child told authorities she thought she was going to die.

I don't know how many times I've said it but there truly is a special place in HELL for these people.  I have no sympathy for this woman in any regard.

KTVB reports that these children were abused on multiple occasions.  Espinoza is not their mother, she was simply their caretaker when their mother was away.  Here's what really boils my blood.  After Espinoza came clean to the courts and was sentenced, her attorney had the gall to tell the court that Espinoza isn't all bad.  That the kids had a lot of great moments with her as well.  She took them to school, brought them to the doctor, provided them a home while their mother was away... REALLY???  Yeah... and then she bit them, strangled them, and held knives to their throats in between right?  The doctor visits were all probably her doing.  Ughhhh!

Espinoza isn't up for parole for 11 years.  She's already served 232 days of her 16-year sentence.  The children are all currently in foster care struggling through psychological issues of trust.

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