There is nothing more fun that getting away. Seeing new places and eating new foods are some of my favorite things in life. The world is a big beautiful places and its so fun to explore it. So, when AAA recently released their list of the most popular international travel destinations it just made me want to travel more.

I had no idea that 1/4 Americans say they will be taking an international vacation in the next 18 months but that is so awesome. And more than 80% of all Americans have taken at least one international vacation in their lifetime.

If you've ever dreamed of taking a trip internationally but haven't done it yet. DO IT. Just book the trip. That way you know you're going. You can always find an excuse on why not to go. Don't give yourself an out. Just buy the ticket.

I've only made it to Mexico and Canada internationally but a lot of these destinations are places I want to visit. Here is a list of the top ten international destinations:

  1. Rome, Italy
  2. Cancun, Mexico
  3. London, England
  4. Dublin, Ireland
  5. Paris, France
  6. Montego Bay, Jamaica
  7. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
  8. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  9. Munich, Germany
  10. Barcelona, Spain

If you want an easy and fun first international trip I would suggest Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It's not a long flight, it's beautiful, and so much fun. I've been multiple times and always felt safe. I jokingly call it "San Diego South".

Where is your favorite international destination?

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