Perhaps your resolution this year is to find a new place to live. Maybe Idaho is getting too crowded... or too expensive.

Either way, we continue to see rising prices in almost every category as time passes, and the same rings true for the cost of living. This isn't the same world our grandparents or parents grew up in.

Making a good living is a necessity

The fact that Idaho still has a minimum wage of just $7.25 is mind-blowing, especially when you consider how much it costs to live in Idaho. According to, Idaho has the 28th-lowest cost of living in the United States but you'll still need to make sure you earn a decent living.

For example, if you try to live on $15/hour in Idaho (which seems to be the "unofficial minimum wage"), at 40 hours a week for 52 weeks, you'll be taking home $31,200 annually - far below the minimum required to live comfortably in Idaho.

But, what about other places like California? Utah?

Using information from SoFi and Best Places, we gathered data to help us give you a simple and straightforward cost of living dollar amount. Now, it's important to keep in mind that not everyone has the same living expenses. Some may spend close to $24,000 annually on rent while others might spend $600 a month on rent.

Some people might be paying close to $7,000 for health care and others might not have the expense at all! Let us know - is it too expensive to live in Idaho and the Northwest in general? Let us know your thoughts here.

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