What in the world happened at this farmhouse in Caldwell? It was a gruesome discovery this morning and police are still looking for a lot of answers.


About 11 a.m. this morning officers from the Canyon County Sheriff's Office performed a welfare check at a home in Caldwell that is surrounded by trees and outbuildings.


They didn't find anyone inside the home, but what they found outside was shocking.


3 bodies were found on the property and initially it appears that someone was trying to hide them. The bodies were decomposing, although we don't know at this time exactly how long they had been there or whether or not the people who were found dead lived in the home or not.


What we do know according to the Idaho Statesman is that the property ownership changed in May and that the names, ages, or even genders of the victims have not been released.


Autopsies are scheduled to be performed tomorrow morning, so that should eventually provide some answers in this grizzly case.


The person who requested the welfare check is being questioned by police but they say they do not have any suspects at this time.


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