You just don't mess with kids. Stories like this make my blood boil. These parents in Caldwell are behind bars this morning for abusing their kids, ages three, two, and one. 

Zackurer and Suzanne McMurrian are facing felony charges after their three children were found to be malnourished with multiple injuries including burns and bruises.

The home where the alleged abuse occurred is located off of Hannibal Street in Caldwell.

According to KTVB, the three-year-old boy, two-year-old boy, and one-year-old girl were taken to a local hospital where even more injuries were discovered on the children.

The mother, in this case, had already been on felony probation from a separate injury to a child case back in 2016. The parents have been booked into the Canyon County Jail. They are each facing three felony counts of injury to a child.

Thank you to whoever alerted authorities to this case and got these poor children the help that they so desperately needed. I'm so glad they are in better hands.