Forget those uppity suit and tie boys, what you really need is a good old Idaho farm boy! Here's 5 reasons why!


  • 1

    There's a 90% Chance he has a Truck

    There is nothing sexier than a man in a truck! Not only will he look ultra manly, but he can haul your stuff around and you can lay out on the hood and get a nice tan!

    Perry Watson/thinkstock
  • 2

    His Hat will Cover His Bald Spot

    Balding isn't much of a problem when you're a good old farm boy because your head is always covered with a ball cap or a cowboy hat!

    Bill Lawson/ thinkstock
  • 3

    He's Easy to Feed

    All and Idaho farm boy needs are some good old Idaho potatoes and he'll probably even hunt his own meat!

    bhofack2/ thinkstock
  • 4

    He's Good with Animals

    A farm boy is rarely seen without his horse or his dog. He's tough on the outside but he's got a great heart and I've always said if a man's good to animals he'll be good to you!

    Jeremy Woodhouse/ thinkstock
  • 5

    Farm Boys are Usually Toned and Tan

    Farm boys are hard workers, which says something in and of itself, but all that hard work pays off in muscles. You might get a farmers tan along with those bulging biceps, but turn out the lights and you'll be just fine!

    Dunca Daniel/ thinkstock