You remember when we were kids we were told that one little boy who was always picking on a little girl usually meant they had a crush on them?

It seems like that theory holds some weight and when it comes to the relationship between Idaho and California, it couldn't be more true.

Idaho = California

Some people dislike "transplants" and others absolutely "hate" Californians. Yes, we know Californians are technically transplants but there are many Idahoans who feel that being from California is much worse than anywhere else.

But what if this hatred meant something else?

What if this strong negative energy that some feel toward California is actually a reflection of the admiration they actually have for California?

Like that theory we talked about with the kids who throw rocks at kids they like... is that what's happening with Idaho?

We asked locals to share with us the things from California that they would love to have in Idaho or in one case, the thing we gladly accepted from California in the form of In-N-Out.

Speaking of In-N-Out, do you remember how excited people got when the burger chain opened its doors in Idaho? Doesn't that say something about Idaho's feelings toward California culture?

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What do you think? What would you add to the list of things that California has that you would like to see in Idaho?

Here is what the locals are saying...

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