According to a live press conference outside of Saint Alphonsus hospital with Ada County Sheriff Stephen Bartlett and Boise Deputy Chief Ron Winegar here is what happened and the latest information.

The Sheriff’s Office responded to a call for a home burglary near Highway 20/26 in Canyon County early this morning. A yellow motorcycle was stolen along with a backpack and a few other items. At 7:30 a deputy spotted the yellow motorcycle with the suspect. When he turned on his lights to stop him a vehicle pursuit started. During the pursuit, the Deputy called for assistance and back up. The short vehicle pursuit turned into a foot chase which quickly turned into an exchange of gunfire on Highway 16 and Beacon Light Rd. The deputy was shot twice, the suspect was not hit by the gunfire and took off on foot.

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The Deputy, whose name has not been released yet, was taken to Saint Alphonsus. The deputy is in critical condition, currently undergoing surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. A code red and shelter in place alert was successfully sent to residences in the area. A number of K9 units and drones were used to locate the suspect just after 11 am in a cornfield. The police then negotiated with the suspect over a cell phone and got him to turn himself in. The suspect is currently in police custody but they are not releasing his name. Ada County Sheriff Stephen Bartlett said that he was part of a much bigger investigation.

The suspect and investigation is now being lead by the Boise Police Department. Boise Deputy Chief Ron Winegar spoke out saying that the suspect who tried to kill one of his deputies will be handled seriously.


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