This one of a kind elementary with a grass roof is being torn down. 

As of next week, Amity Elementary in Boise will be no more. I remember Rick and I going to this very unique school last year to get the kiddos saying the Pledge of Allegiance. I thought the school was really cool but as we talked to the principal, Valerie Uhlorn, she told us about a very leaky roof and gophers in the ceiling! Not problems you want to have in an elementary school.

Amity Elementary has been around since 1978 and was featured in Time Magazine and Architectural Digest for its unique grassy roof.

According to KTVB, this is all part of a master 10-year plan that will improve all schools in the district. It's part of the $172.5 million dollar bond that was approved by voters this past year.

The new Amity Elementary is being built right next to the old Amity Elementary and is expected be ready when school starts up again in August.